Welcome to the Dream and Hustle Wiki[edit | edit source]

We are a community of entrepreneurial contributors documenting traditional and next generation business models for urban communities worldwide.

Describe your topic[edit | edit source]

The Dream and Hustle Wiki goal is to create a collaborative environment to educate and empower aspiring entrepreneurs on how to setup businesses.

For each business model, the following content is being pursued:

Financial. Discuss the revenue model as well as metrics and key performance indicators.

Legal and Compliance. Covers the necessary permits, licenses, restrictions and other information required to operate the business model legally.

Location and Facilities. Review the type of physical of virtual setup to establish the business model.

Equipment. List the actual equipment that is necessary to operate the business model in the most efficient manner possible.

Roles. A list of job titles and their roles in the business model operation.

Launch Strategy. How to start the business model and get it up and running.

Day to Day Operation. Tasks and techniques on what to expect and how to operate the business model on a daily basis.

Growth Strategy. Discuss how to expand and scale the business model to a bigger and better operation.

Collaboration and contributes are more than welcome to help create an information repository for entreprenuers to create businesses, create jobs and channel opportunities to create overall positive economic activity.

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